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After helping me with a probate case, living trust, and other matters, I have found it a great comfort having Terry Beecher on my side. Rather than a barrier, he has made the law seem accessible and an ally in helping me achieve my goals.
Gary O., San Bernardino, CA

One of the most important things any person needs to take care of is establishing a “secure” trust. We chose Terry Beecher because we “securely” trusted in his knowledge and experience. We felt truly comfortable telling him about our personal life and discussing our struggles. We got excellent advice and greatly appreciate his service.
Dr. Brad and Valencia N., Crestline, CA

We needed to begin our estate planning but worried that it would be complicated and intimidating. Terry Beecher explained everything so clearly and completely answered all questions that is was easier than we ever imagined.
David and Melissa F., Riverside, CA

Terry came highly recommended to us from a friend. We were very favorably impressed with his professionalism and down to earth manner in which he guided us through our estate planning and transfers of properties. Terry made several difficult situations much easier to negotiate.
David and Christy R., Oceanside, CA

The concept and structure of the trust was clearly explained by attorney Beecher. His recommendations on the specifc items that should be included in the trust were extremely helpful.
Riverside, CA

It was if I was being helped by a trusted family member. I couldn’t have been more comfortable. Thank you!
Jean S., Palm Springs, CA

All concerns and needs were addressed, overall our experience was a positive one.
Riverside, CA

Making a will can be a very sensitive & tedious process; Terry made it all a pleasant experience, & I had all my questions answered. He covered uncertainties satisfactorily, and I was pleased with the finished product.
Linda H., Riverside, CA

When we started the process of the living (trust) we were not sure of some terms and words that were needed. When it was finished we were 100% sure of what we had done and why.
Bob P., Riverside, CA

Very comfortable, personal service, always willing to explain the details.
Joanna O., Norco, CA

I was in need of an attorney that could handle a trust that involved “special needs” grandchildren. Mr. Beecher came highly recommended by a friend of mine. Terry Beecher has gone far beyond meeting those “special needs”. Not only once has he helped me through certain crisis, but three time he has clear issues up for me!
Jim M., Riverside, CA

My experience during my estate planning was great. Terry always had a smile on his face when he saw me. He took his time to explain everything to me. The people in the office and on the phone were always very friendly.
Lindi L., Mission Viejo, CA

Terry Beecher is a true professional! He is kind, thorough and sensitive to the needs of each individual. He took the pain out of re-writing our trusts. Terry went above and beyond what we thought would be done while working with him. We feel fortunate to call him “our attorney.”
Darla C., Temecula, CA

Terry really listend. He balance our need to provide for a special needs child with our want not to leave out our other children. Every concern explored. Everything explained in “plain English” – no worries.
Juan and Diane H. Riverside, CA

We were very impressed by how thoroughly each step of the process was explained to us in terms that were easy to understand. We had put off the idea of estate planning for some time but had we known it would be this easy, we would have done it sooner.
Jerry and Sherry H. – Riverside, CA

We already had a revocable living trust when I first contacted the Beecher Law Firm. Our original intent with the trust was not being met because of the way the trust was written. Actually, is wasn’t working and I didn’t know how to begin to fix it.

I was confused about how to comply with the trust as written and/or how to continue according to the original intent as I knew it. Terry listened to my concerns and understood them. He reviewed my trust, gave me several choices/recommendations and I chose those that best suited my situation. Our converstations were always in “plain English.” I wish I had gone to him for our original revocable trust document!

These few words tend to simplify my dilemma at the time, but my concerns were real and very upsetting. I’m now much more relaxed with this legal document and confident that my family is better protected.

Terry was always pleasant and available. He returned my calls promptly and was always willing to explain things. I would definitely call him again if I needed to.

Thank you Terry for your help and understanding.
Madalyn M., Riverside, CA

When I contacted your office about a living trust I was given a packet questionnaire. It was very good and when I needed assistance you were always there to answer my questions and guide me through it and made things easier and understandable.
Harry L. C, Riverside, CA

My experience was extraordinary. Terry was very pleasant, understanding, accomodating, caring, and very good listener. Terry demonstrated that he’s interested in helping his clients and it showed during the entire process from day one to the last day.
Angelina, M., Riverside, CA

The overall experience with Terry Beecher was very good. We appreciated his professionalism and expertise. The end result was a customized estate plan that fit our specific needs.
Bob and Marilyn K., Riverside, CA

The experience with your office can be summed up in a few words: Peace of mind? Your quick response to meeting my estate planning needs in a timely manner and before the start of my first chemo treatment is very much appreciated.

Thank you for your prompt attention to my estate planning needs and wishes. Your assistance was most gratifying and fulfilling. I am pleased to have met you and I will be happy to refer you to family and friends.
Virginia H., Riverside, CA

I got the feeling that I was dealing with a knowledgable and experienced person, performing a professional job.
Juan A., Riverside, CA

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